Dental treatments

Dental treatments

Our dental treatments are completely adapted to your needs, making good oral health the top priority

Arte Sano. Health begins in your mouth.

Going to the dentist shouldn’t be scary. Our dental treatments are made by experienced and professional specialists. Tailor-made solutions with a sole objective: your well being.

General dentistry

The set of dental treatments focused on preventing and correcting dental problems to ensure good oral health. The first step to solving any dental problem.

Somos profesionales en odontología general.
Implantes dentales. Recuperación estética y funcional

Dental implants

Fixtures attached to the jaw to replace missing tooth roots and then covered by a crown. They provide a real look and are highly reliable and resistant.

Dental crowns

Covering broken or deteriorated teeth is easy with a crown, as it doesn’t need root extraction. They allow chewing and smiling normally, so you forget about cosmetic and functional problems.

Corona dental. Vuelve a sonreir.
Periodoncia. Cuidamos tu boca.


A discipline focused on treating and preventing problems in the areas surrounding teeth. Not caring for them can lead to gum-disease and damage the mandible bone, eventually causing tooth loss.

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