Teeth whitening

Give your smile its natural color back with our teeth whitening treatment

What is teeth whitening?

We know for a fact dental enamel does not regenerate, and teeth tend to lose their color for numerous reasons. That’s often caused by the oxidation of organic matter naturally present on teeth.
The passing of time, insufficient or excessive hygiene, smoking or a strong consumption of alcoholic and carbonated beverages are the primary reasons why the dentition’s pigmentation changes.

Teeth whitening is both a medical and cosmetic, widely demanded treatment, able to clear the tooth’s natural enamel, adjust their coloration and remove stains.
There are no natural substitutes for dental enamel yet. But in Arte Sano we use hydrogen peroxide to give your smile its color and brightness back.
This is a safe, non-invasive procedure, with no risk for side effects.
Smile eagerly. Smile frequently.

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Benefits of teeth whitening

  • A stainless smile
  • A healthy and younger look
  • It’s a painless, non-invasive procedure
  • Greater confidence and self-esteem

Tooth pigmentation and loss of dental enamel are progressive and happen at a very slow, unnoticeable speed. When dental appeal diminishes and the person is aware of it, image and self-confidence are impacted. In fact, stained, discolored or dull teeth have a strong influence in other people’s perception, despite not being a matter of bad dental hygiene.

Arte Sano’s customized teeth whitening treatments are quick, painless and effective. We offer a free personal interview in order to determine the desired tone and offer the most suitable option for every person. It’s a non-invasive procedure with quickly visible results: uniform coloration and greater confidence.

Teeth whitening is not purely cosmetic. It will impact on your global health.
By recovering the color and brightness of your teeth you will show your smile to the world.

"Smile eagerly. Smile frequently"

Why trust Arte Sano?

Arte Sano is a clinic born out of the passion for medicine and cosmetic dentistry. 24 hours availability and personalized treatment. A long international experience, total dedication to work well done and the latest and most advanced available techniques support us.

People go first

Arte Sano deals with people, not patients. Listening and understanding is the key to making an accurate diagnosis and offering the treatment that best suits your needs.

Modern and advanced techniques

The techniques used in dental medicine are constantly renewed, and staying updated on technological advances is one of the keys to excellence.

Passion and experience

Arte Sano is born from a family legacy, driven by a vocation transmitted through generations, and continuous learning. Tradition and modernity at the service of oral health.

Arte Sano’s Services


Evaluation, prevention and correction of dental position problems, such as malocclusion or bad bite. Fix and removable options.

Dental veneers

Tailor-made dental veneers placement. We work with all types of veneers: porcelain, composite and microveneers, and we also do non-invasive.

Dental caps

Prosthetics and tailor-made dental caps. On-tooth and on-implant, which makes them perfect to replace broken or lost teeth.

Lip and face rejuvenation

Discover our lip and face rejuvenation treatment, made with hyaluronic acid. Show pride in a young and radiating smile.

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    Teeth whitening

    People seem to be more concerned about the color of their smile than the alignment of their teeth. They both are noticeable problems with direct repercussions in social contexts. Tooth discoloration and stains directly affect people’s self-confidence, which becomes crucial in situations such as a job interview or the simple fact of smiling without hiding. Whether we like it or not, that explains the high demand there is for teeth whitening treatments.

    In Arte Sano, we know how important dental cosmetic is when it comes to social presentation. That’s why we put all of our experience at the service of whoever is in need of having their teeth whitened by professionals.

    Our system aims at identifying the root of the problem to offer the most convenient option for each and every one of our patients. Furthermore, we provide the necessary guidelines for adequate care and follow up on them. The patient’s expectations are important as well. Teeth whitening may be focused on the different sides of every tooth, each one with different tones varying in every person.

    Mind the effects of TV, social networks and Photoshop, as they create the false idea that snow-white is the natural color of the teeth, when it doesn’t always match everybody. In fact, applying certain products on teeth that are not in need may be counterproductive. Teeth whitening goes beyond aesthetics. It’s a proven fact that people who go through this treatment improve the care for their teeth, visit their dentist more often, and have much better oral health.