Self-ligating braces

Orthodontics can be more practical and less durable with self-ligating braces

What are self-ligating braces?

Self-ligating braces are one of the latest techniques in orthodontic treatments. Their main feature is they don’t use the elastic rubber bands needed in other brackets, like metallic or ceramic. Moreover, self-ligating brackets were designed with a little latch to hold the wire with less friction. These makes the movement of teeth faster and makes shorter an easier adjustment visits.

The absence of rubber bands makes the hygiene part much easier too, which makes them more comfortable in the long-term.

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Benefits of using self-ligating braces

  • Easier hygiene
  • A faster movement of the teeth
  • Less post-adjustment discomfort
  • Quicker visits to the orthodontics specialist

Self-ligating braces are a novel orthodontic technique. In their 20 years of existence, they have opened the discussion on the effects of friction in the duration of orthodontic treatments.

Their highlighed feature is the type of ligature that is applied, different than the one of traditional brackets.
Other types of orthodontics, like the ones using cosmetic or metallic brackets, use rubber bands to hold the wire against them to guide the movement. However, that movement happens very slowly because of the friction of the rubber band against the wire.

Self-ligating brackets have a built-in system to hold the wire with no rubber bands involved, which facilitates the movement of teeth and makes it less painful.
Square designed, self-ligating braces provides a larger adherence surface makes hygiene easier and dentist visits shorter, for there is no rubber ligatures to change.

"Practical and easy braces"

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    Self-ligating braces

    Orthodontics with self-ligating braces works exactly like the ones with traditional ligatures.
    The appearance of s
    elf-ligating braces was somewhat revolutionary because it proposed a reduction in the duration of orthodontic treatments. The discussion continues today, as it is proven that lower friction on individual movements allows them to happen faster. But arranging the mouth as a whole is something delicate when friction happens between the teeth.

    Self-ligating braces can be used like all other orthodontic treatments, to correct space, alignment or dental crowding. Despite all that, they remain unknown for most people and are rarely used. To many, the treatment’s duration is not worth the cosmetic impact.
    Nevertheless, many of their benefits are indisputable. For example, the shorter duration of adjustment sessions, or an easier cleaning of the brackets. That of course, doesn’t reduce the need for thorough hygiene, brushing, and flossing after every meal.
    The absence of ligatures makes them a little more fragile than other treatments, so the diet should be adapted by avoiding hard substances and others.

    Orthodontics with self-ligating braces appears as the ideal choice for people who prioritize a shorter treatment in which visual impact is not important.
    In Arte Sano we take all personal aspects in consideration. Your needs and priorities move us to offer the best treatment for you, always with your health and satisfaction as top priorities.