Porcelain veneers

Get yourself a perfect, natural smile with our tailor-made Arte Sano porcelain veneers.

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers, also called ceramic veneers, are among the most requested cosmetic dentistry treatments thanks to their magnificent results: a perfectly natural smile.

Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin ceramic shells, custom-made in a laboratory after obtaining a mold of the patient’s teeth. Their placement usually requires grinding, shaving and polishing the existing teeth, to provide enough space for them. Porcelain veneers also have a higher cost than composite veneers because they are more durable and resistant.

Just like all other types of veneers, they’re used to correct the natural dental wear and minor fractures, as well as coloration problems, uneven tooth sizes and small position defects.

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Benefits of using porcelain veneers

  • They’re highly cosmetic and durable
  • They’re a long long-term affordable deal
  • They provide a permanent coloration
  • A smile to take pride in

Porcelain is a long-lasting material, and its color is very similar to natural dental enamel. Placing porcelain veneers is a minimally invasive procedure, given the need to prepare the teeth they will be placed on. This procedure is generally made under local anesthetics.

Their thickness makes that preparation necessary, which makes teeth more sensitive after the procedure, yet the discomfort disappears quickly after. Two to three sessions are also needed for the procedure to be completed, depending to the number of teeth needing to be treated. From the moment the original teeth are polished, a temporary veneer or tooth cap is placed for them to stay in an optimal condition. Thus, the impact on the patient’s comfort is reduced, allowing him to make a perfectly normal life until the definitive veneers are placed.

Their durability is one of their strongest points. And their color is permanent, so your smile will stay as bright as the first day.

"You won't be able to hide your smile"

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Arte Sano is a clinic born out of the passion for medicine and cosmetic dentistry. 24 hours availability and personalized treatment. A long international experience, total dedication to work well done and the latest and most advanced available techniques support us.

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Arte Sano deals with people, not patients. Listening and understanding is the key to making an accurate diagnosis and offering the treatment that best suits your needs.

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The techniques used in dental medicine are constantly renewed, and staying updated on technological advances is one of the keys to excellence.

Passion and experience

Arte Sano is born from a family legacy, driven by a vocation transmitted through generations, and continuous learning. Tradition and modernity at the service of oral health.

Arte Sano’s Services


Evaluation, prevention and correction of dental position problems, such as malocclusion or bad bite. Fix and removable options.

Dental veneers

Tailor-made dental veneers placement. We work with all types of veneers: porcelain, composite and microveneers, and we also do non-invasive.

Fundas dentales

Prosthetics and tailor-made dental caps. On-tooth and on-implant, which makes them perfect to replace broken or lost teeth.

Lip and face rejuvenation

Discover our lip and face rejuvenation treatment, made with hyaluronic acid. Show pride in a young and radiating smile.

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    Porcelain veneers

    Dental enamel suffers inevitable wear affecting the tooth’s form, position and color. Everybody detects such imperfections over time, and they can be fixed easily with dental veneers. Specifically, porcelain veneers are placed on visible teeth: front teeth and canines. That’s where we all prefer to have the feeling of a perfect denture. These teeth are also less affected by chewing when compared to molars and premolars. The mastication shock on the back teeth, or having bad habits enhancing dental wear, such as teeth grinding, advise against using these veneers in favor of other materials, dental caps or crowns.

    Nevertheless, porcelain is a rigid material, yet it remains fragile. A specialist’s advice is required, as other options may be more suitable for some lifestyles. Technology is also improving the quality of porcelain, and veneers become thinner and more resistant over time, reducing the need for tooth preparation or repair. This, however, does not mean it is not advised to go to the dentist every 6 months to maintain good oral health.

    Despite the fact that porcelain veneers have a higher cost than composite ones, their durability puts in doubt their low affordability. Our experience shows that many affordable treatments require higher care and maintenance, making them more expensive in the long term.
    Arte Sano has your satisfaction and good oral health as top priorities. Our custom porcelain veneers placement treatment starts with a personal interview for us to know what aspects you would like to improve and suggest the ideal design for your case. Always with transparency and professionalism.