Our orthodontics procedures are specially designed to solve functional and cosmetic dental problems.

Arte Sano: custom, tailor-made orthodontics

Arte Sano is a clinic born out of the passion for medicine and cosmetic dentistry. 24 hours availability and personalized treatment. A long international experience, total dedication to work well done and the latest and most advanced available techniques support us.

La ortodoncia invisible es práctica y removible.

Invisible alignment

Invisible alignment is done with a removable aligning retainer, digitally designed by the Alineadent laboratory. It only needs to be replaced every few weeks. It’s a comfortable, practical and barely noticeable treatment, available for teens and adults.

Clear braces

The main difference between metallic and clear brackets is the latter doesn’t get stained over time. They are made of zephyr crystal. Their transparency, adherence and resistance make them an easy, discrete and cosmetic option.

Brackets de zafiro. Limpios y discretos.
Brackets metálicos. El aparato fijo tradicional.

Metallic braces. The classic choice.

Traditional orthodontics involve metallic brackets, which are able to perform all necessary corrections at once: tooth rotation, gaps closing and alignment. Metallic braces are adhered to teeth so their position is gradually moved through regular adjustment.

Self-ligating braces

Easy and practical hygiene, and shorter visits to the orthodontist, make self-ligating braces as efficient as metallic braces in a shorter time. Their main feature is a different fixation that does not require rubber bands to hold the arch and the brackets. They are less discrete, but offer simpler maintenance.

Brackets autoligables. Mantenimiento práctico.
Especialistas en ortodoncia infantil.

Braces for kids

Braces for kids help preventing and correcting problems of space and position before the denture is fully developed. We provide the necessary education so kids are aware of how important it is taking good care of them. In addition, we offer a wide range of colors so they smile without complexes.

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    From the Greek Orthos ( good, correct) y Odontos ( teeth), orthodontics is the assemble of treatments specialized in studying, preventing and correcting problems related to dental position and space. Its ultimate goal is maintaining the mouth’s functionality, so basic things like chewing, speaking or smiling are not affected by tooth disorders like malocclusion.
    There are different treatments when it comes to the dental needs of every patient, and several options to adapt them to their times, their budget and their aesthetic expectations.

    The most frequent image people see about orthodontics is fix, metallic braces composed by little brackets placed on every tooth, and linked with a metallic arch that is gradually adjusted to straighten teeth up. There are also different techniques. And technology offers newer materials that help having a wider range of options and lower impact on the patients’ day to day. Clear braces, or invisible alignment, to name a few.

    Some of these options have higher price, yet they shorten the treatment’s length or make them much more discrete, enhancing the person’s confidence.

    Choosing the right one, and more importantly, planning the treatment, require a preliminary analysis of the facial structure. And the Arte Sano Clinic we use the most advanced techniques, so the treatment’s result can be seen even before it has even started. We listen to the person behind the patient, and we put all of our passion, vocation and professionalism at your service, to give you your greatest satisfaction.