Non-invasive veneers

A quick, painless and non-invasive solution to dental cosmetic problems

What are non-invasive veneers?

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, the most convenient option depends on factors like budget and the condition of the teeth.

There are two types of non-invasive veneers: the ones made of composite and microveneers. Composite veneers are made with various layers of different resins, which are applied on the existing dental enamel and can be adapted to the tooth’s original color and texture.

Microveneers are the thinnest shells available, and they are glued to the front side of each tooth. Being made of the latest generation porcelain, they have greater durability and resistance, although they need the original tooth to remain intact not to lose adherence and fall off.

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Benefits of using non-invasive veneers

  • They require minimal tooth preparation
  • Simple correction of small dental position problems
  • Quickly covering of gaps and dental spacing
  • Immediate results

The most significant advantages of using non-invasive veneers can be summarized in how simple the procedure is to place them, and the immediacy of their results. However, factors like the number of teeth to be treated or the patient’s expectations must be considered. The most frequent ones include teeth whitening and correcting the tooth’s length, width or color, yet some cases such as minor fractures may require repairing or reconstructing the original piece.

Since they do not need preparing the tooth, their placement is a quick procedure not requiring anesthetics. Two sessions are generally enough.
If we talk about microveneers, no temporary veneers are needed whilst the permanent ones are confected in the laboratory. In addition to that, they strengthen the dental enamel with a layer of porcelain, and provide a permanent-whitening effect without any discomfort.

In any case, the proposition and the final design are always agreed, aiming to your total satisfaction.

"Quick and painless solutions for cosmetic problems"

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Arte Sano is a clinic born out of the passion for medicine and cosmetic dentistry. 24 hours availability and personalized treatment. A long international experience, total dedication to work well done and the latest and most advanced available techniques support us.

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Arte Sano deals with people, not patients. Listening and understanding is the key to making an accurate diagnosis and offering the treatment that best suits your needs.

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The techniques used in dental medicine are constantly renewed, and staying updated on technological advances is one of the keys to excellence.

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Arte Sano is born from family legacy, driven by a vocation transmitted through generations, and continuous learning. Tradition and modernity at the service of oral health.

Arte Sano’s Services


Evaluation, prevention and correction of dental position problems, such as malocclusion or bad bite. Fix and removable options.

Dental veneers

Tailor-made dental veneers placement. We work with all types of veneers: porcelain, composite and microveneers, and we also do non-invasive.

Dental caps

Prosthetics and tailor-made dental caps. On-tooth and on-implant, which makes them perfect to replace broken or lost teeth.

Lip and face rejuvenation

Discover our lip and face rejuvenation treatment, made with hyaluronic acid. Show pride in a young and radiating smile.

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    Non-invasive veneers

    Non-invasive veneers are a very convenient solution for small problems not requiring intervention. Minor fractures or small position problems can be solved in a quick and painless way.
    The main characteristic of non-invasive veneers is that they’re applied directly on the dental enamel with no need to prepare, grind or shave the tooth’s surface, no anesthetics and no discomfort. On top of that, the results are immediate and there are no complication risks whatsoever.
    This kind of veneer is recommended for positional corrections such as small rotations, stains and single or multiple discolored teeth.

    The main difference between all non-invasive veneers relies on the material they’re made of, as each one of them requires a different treatment. We recommend composite veneers mostly for small corrections like minor fractures, chipped or discolored pieces. But differently than microveneers, their confection is immediate and doesn’t need to go through a laboratory. On the other hand, designing microveneers requires more sessions in order to measure the length and thickness of every tooth, create the mold and have them made with the highest precision.

    Arte Sano uses proven techniques and works with the most recent technologies in the market. Our digital system allows us to design smiles and show the result beforehand. Aiming at proposing the most convenient design for your smile and your needs, we’ll make a first assessment, free of charge, on your first visit.
    Dental cosmetics are very important for people’s image and self-confidence. And here, at the Arte Sano Dental Clinic, we are aware of that.