Lip and face rejuvenation

Cosmetic treatments for face and lip rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid. A younger smile.

What is lip and face rejuvenation?

Rejuvenecimiento facial y labial en Valencia

Lip and face rejuvenation is a treatment applied mainly on the lips and the perioral area, around the mouth. Its main objective is removing wrinkles and expression marks, and recovering the lips’ volume, hydration and smoothness with hyaluronic acid infiltrations. This material is naturally present in the human body, and is therefore compatible and reabsorbable thanks to its chemical composition, which guarantees a successful outcome, free of risks and complications.

This is generally a quick procedure, painless in all cases, and its results last for long enough to recover a young and lively look.

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Benefits of lip and face rejuvenation

  • Painless removal of wrinkles and expression marks
  • Assessment and treatment performed by qualified professionals
  • Gives you a young and natural look that will make you feel more confident
  • Immediate and durable results

Cosmetic treatments for lip and face rejuvenation have a demand that’s higher every day. That is because of the importance that image has in first impressions.
As time passes by, facial muscles tend to atrophy and skin loses its tautness and elasticity. Wrinkles and flaccidity are very frequent and can be corrected in a rapid and painless way with simple microinjections made under cutaneous tissue.

Hyaluronic acid infiltrations have a quick effect on removing wrinkles without affecting natural facial expression. Arte Sano puts the person first, We want to meet you and know your expectations so we can offer the most adequate treatment. We value esthetics from a global perspective and, above all, we prioritize your global health. That’s why we put our seriousness and professionalism at the service of our patients’ satisfaction.

"A smile is the reflection of the soul"

Why trust Arte Sano?

Arte Sano is a clinic born out of the passion for medicine and cosmetic dentistry. 24 hours availability and personalized treatment. A long international experience, total dedication to work well done and the latest and most advanced available techniques support us.

People go first

Arte Sano deals with people, not patients. Listening and understanding is the key to making an accurate diagnosis and offering the treatment that best suits your needs.

Modern and advanced techniques

The techniques used in dental medicine are constantly renewed, and staying updated on technological advances is one of the keys to excellence.

Passion and experience

Arte Sano is born from a family legacy, driven by a vocation transmitted through generations, and continuous learning. Tradition and modernity at the service of oral health.

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    Lip and face rejuvenation

    Among all the treatments dentists can perform, are other cosmetic services like lip and face rejuvenation: we are qualified to act on many areas above the neck. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in several human cells and is an important element for elasticity and hydration. Its cosmetic use has extended notably during the last 20 years, mainly due to its proven capacity to retain water for long periods of time. It, therefore, keeps volume where it is injected. It usually lasts for a year, after which it is reabsorbed by the organism in a natural and risk-free process.

    Treatments using silicon or botulinum toxin have risks linked to their permanence under cutaneous tissue and the dangers of muscle paralysis. At best, it would only detract naturalness to facial expression. Hyaluronic acid injections are made in a painless and non-invasive intervention, right under the skin and in specific areas where muscles or nerves are free of risks such as rejection or inflammation.

    At the Arte Sano Clinic we also use hyaluronic acid as a complement in late or in adult orthodontic treatments to allow a good bite when the skin or labial musculature are adapted to the incorrect position of the teeth. We are committed to facial cosmetics, and, further, to good oral health for you to smile eagerly and naturally, and show confidently a rejuvenated face.