Composite veneers

Composite veneers. The quickest and most affordable way to get your smile back.

What are composite veneers?

Composite veneers are resin shells that are widely used in cosmetic dentistry. Their most frequent use includes color and size corrections when teeth are stained, discolored or have small gaps between them. However, they’re also an effective solution for repairing broken teeth, for they are strong, moldable and resistant.

They have a 5-year average durability, although this may vary according to the patient’s habits and oral care. After that period, their color and texture may show signs of deterioration, yet they have the great advantage of being fully reversible and reconstructible.

Composite veneers are a quick and affordable solution taking not more than two sessions in the clinic (depending, of course, on the number of teeth to be treated).

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Benefits of using composite veneers

  • It’s a quick and painless procedure
  • They are reversible and reconstructible
  • High resistance and durability
  • Natural look

Composite veneers provide the easiest solution for minor dental problems. Mainly because they’re made of several layers of different resins, which allows shaping them for specific needs.
Once dry, composite is a hard material used to restore fractured teeth, covering interdental gaps, stains and discolorations.

The resin is pigmented before its application. and the veneers are confected with the same shape, color and texture as the other teeth, providing a completely natural look. What makes them different than porcelain veneers is that composite veneers don’t need any sort of tooth preparation. Thus, their placement is quick and simple, totally painless, and their replacement, repair and reconstruction are risk-free.

Their cosmetic benefits make them a simple, practical and affordable option for their ability to fill spaces and hide aesthetic differences such as size, color and shape.

"There are no complexes in natural smiles"

Why trust Arte Sano?

Arte Sano is a clinic born out of the passion for medicine and cosmetic dentistry. 24 hours availability and personalized treatment. A long international experience, total dedication to work well done and the latest and most advanced available techniques support us.

People go first

Arte Sano deals with people, not patients. Listening and understanding is the key to making an accurate diagnosis and offering the treatment that best suits your needs.

Modern and advanced techniques

The techniques used in dental medicine are constantly renewed, and staying updated on technological advances is one of the keys to excellence.

Passion and experience

Arte Sano is born from family legacy, driven by a vocation transmitted through generations, and continuous learning. Tradition and modernity at the service of oral health.

Arte Sano’s Services


Evaluation, prevention and correction of dental position problems, such as malocclusion or bad bite. Fix and removable options.

Dental Veneers

Tailor-made dental veneers placement. We work with all types of veneers: porcelain, composite and microveneers, and we also do non-invasive.

Dental Caps

Prosthetics and tailor-made dental caps. On-tooth and on-implant, which makes them perfect to replace broken or lost teeth.

Lip and face rejuvenation

Discover our lip and face rejuvenation treatment, made with hyaluronic acid. Show pride in a young and radiating smile.

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    Composite veneers

    Composite is a very strong and resistant material, similar to that used in fillings. But differently than other types of veneers, composite veneers can be used to repair and rebuild fractured teeth without any sort of preparation. That makes them a quick, painless and affordable solution to dental cosmetic problems.
    The procedure to place composite veneers generally takes place within the first appointment’s day, when the case allows it. One of their main advantages is that it is not necessary to make molds or waiting for laboratory manufactures. They’re built layer by layer after cleaning, isolating and adding adhesives on the tooth.
    Subsequently, the new piece is shaped to the desired size and form, dried with UV light and polished to its final look.

    Arte Sano uses modern resins, as fluorescent as natural enamel. That makes them remain totally unnoticed in night environments, where UV light would make them brightly visible. Many dental cosmetic problems can be solved with composite veneers. In your first appointment we’ll make a general examination of your mouth, we’ll listen to you, and we’ll propose the ideal solution for your actual needs.
    At the Arte Sano Clinic our attention is focused on the patient to provide a professional, honest service tailored to their needs. You will get highly satisfactory results, and your experience will be different than any other you’ve seen.

    Thanks to their natural look, their color and texture adapted to the rest of the dentition, composite veneers will give your smile its self-confidence back.