Braces for kids

Braces for kids intercept and prevent problems when permanent teeth start erupting.

What are braces for kids?

Braces for kids, also known as pediatric dentistry or interceptive orthodontics, specializes in preventing space and position problems when teeth are still not permanent. Its main objective is to diagnose possible problems with enough anticipation to avoid more complex or invasive treatments in the future.

Interception is made from the age of 7 or 8, when the eruption of permanent teeth happens. It is a variable age, yet it’s convenient to wait for the first molar to appear in order to identify the impact of an incorrect position of the teeth, or insufficient space within the mouth.

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Benefits of braces for kids

  • Prevention of position problems
  • Bad habit correction
  • Helps guiding a balanced jaw development
  • Better self-confidence during teenagerhood

Braces for kids are a frequent recommendation to anticipate the potential position problems coming along with the eruption of permanent teeth. Permanent teeth are bigger than baby teeth, and the upper jaw doesn’t always develop at the same time as them. On top of that, the loss of baby teeth doesn’t always happen in an orderly manner. Therefore, when permanent teeth start pushing baby teeth out, they take their position according to the space available.

Braces for kids allows correcting the habits leading to their position and enhances the adoption of the right ones to ensure the right growth and positioning of the definitive teeth. They also help preventing any type of dentofacial deformities at an early age. Detecting those space problems in early stages is crucial to provide the right guidance in developing dentition in the healthiest and most convenient way for every case, hence preventing the need for more invasive orthodontics during teenagerhood, a period when looks and self-confidence become critical.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

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    Braces for kids

    They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Well, when it comes to dentition, tackling space and position problems on time results in easier and less invasive treatments in the long-term, as the oral cavity and the maxillar structure are prepared for their needs.

    The growth of baby teeth can be conditioned by habits like thumb-sucking or using a pacifier.
    Hence, guiding the jaw’s development and anticipating any space problems must be done in advance, when the first permanent teeth show up. The right time is relative and differs in every kid. Nevertheless, the ultimate goal is avoiding more traumatic treatments at a more sensitive age.

    Pediatric dentistry is the first stage of a longer treatment. It allows detecting whether the space available is sufficient before the permanent teeth force other teeth to move or take an incorrect position as they erupt, causing malocclusion.

    An eventual second phase aims at moving definitive teeth to their final position. Braces for kids make this an easier and shorter process, and cause less esthetic and physical discomfort

    Orthodontic treatments are commonly made once the permanent teeth have erupted – during teenagerhood, it’s proven that prevention provides easier positioning and shortens hypothetical future treatments.

    That’s why we recommend intercepting such preventable problems when the permanent teeth are still not out.
    The Arte Sano Clinic’s long experience in orthodontic treatments guarantees the optimal development of the little ones’ teeth to avoid further complications, allow them to have a beautiful, functional dentition, and enhances higher awareness on its importance.