Our clinic

More than just a clinic. It's a philosophy.

Staying healthy is art

Welcome to Arte Sano. We want our patients to feel at home.
The Arte Sano Clinic is a modern, quiet and sophisticated space designed to reflect our core values.

    • A family tradition for quality work. We take our time to do things right.
    • The latest technology to provide tailored dental solutions.
    • The human touch. We believe in empathy and care.
    • Peace and quiet. A good environment is key for our patients to feel at ease.

Every person is unique and must be treated as such. Our philosophy merges a long experience and the latest technology to offer the most suitable option in every case. Our humane treatment is based on trust, honesty and communication. Visiting us will change forever the way you feel about going to the dentist.

Smile, you’re in good hands 😀


We are here to help

Contact information
Paseo de la Ciudadela11 Valencia 46003
+34 655 916 451
Appointments taken 24 / 7